Dance Like You Wanna Live is a 2 player spy v.s. sniper game.

The spy is at a Dance festival and must blend in with the dancers while moving between objectives.

The sniper must spot the spy moving among the crowd and take him out.

The game is played from the top down perspective and features 2 NPC dancers, Green Cube & Purple Cube, that have their own movement patterns.

The spy can swap between dancer costumes under cover and follow their movement patterns to blend in.




Movement: Arrow Keys

Dance Pose(Dim color): Space Bar

Change Costume: Q(Green) & W(Purple)


Aim: Mouse

Shoot: LMB



[Spy] starts in the bottom left "tent" (Red Cube) and must move towards the marked "tent" (A word will appear overhead). After completing 4 objectives, the [Spy] wins.

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